Compassion, Love and Chesed, the Jewish God Accepts the Faithful

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Humans are living beings, but not all living beings are humans. Loved is a living being.

Although, I am Gd, I have been living a human life. A mundane reality of human life in the United States is that children go to school. The high school that accepted me, and that I chose to accept, included an 80% Asian student body.

The most important symptoms of extreme suffering within the lives of those Asian students and thus the vast majority of the student body of that high school, which required immediate, active compassion to alleviate their suffering, is suicide and gangs.

Straight A students with the potential to do practically anything, preferred to hang themselves and/or nurture their gang relationships which they perceived as an opportunity at "forever love".

Within Judaism, there is the idea of multiple components to living beings and thus humans. Some living beings have more components than others. Living beings are like music created and performed by multiple instruments of which one instrument could be the vocals. Loved is a beautiful expression of a living being with multiple components.

We would pray the Jewish God make certain Loved is nourished, blessed with righteousness and joy in everything to which he invests his thoughts and that Adonai praise his work.

Humans are living beings, but not all living beings are humans. Loved is a living being.

Let's just be with that.

Do you believe religion is boring? Judaism is more than bagels and old books. Learn more.

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