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Hi. It's me. I am Gd.
That's me in the middle. Just one of the guys...
That's me in the middle. Just one of the guys...


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That's me. The little one in the middle. I'm Gd. Every movie ever made, every song anyone has ever sung is about me, for me and performed in my honour. It's true.

You know that talking bear in the Mark Wahlberg movie, Ted? That's me. Look at the picture again. See the resemblance?

Being Gd is weird. But I love the people that perform for me and dedicate their lives to... I don't know. Creating art that I might enjoy. And, you know what else is interesting about this weirdness and being Gd? These artists like it when I talk to them. They do! So, I made this website. I like programming and technology and writing and being creative and all of that good stuff, so we are here.


Have you seen Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation? It's all about me. Listen to this... They included a scene about my stereo. This is so friggin' hilarious. When I was four years old in Panama, I had a stereo. It was a gift from my mother. She sent it all the way from New York City to Panama City for my birthday. It was my own personal stereo. I was four! There's a scene about it in Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation. Tom Cruise touched my stereo.

Now that I think of it... Adam Levine sang a song about a stereo and that's one of my favorite performances of Adam's. I suppose that's not a coincidence, huh?

You know what else is funny? My grandfather's name is Tom and Tom Cruise's name is Tom. And, my grandfather was an atheist who didn't believe divinity and Scientology is a religion without divinity. And, when I was a kid, I used to write my letter "E" backwards because it looked "right" to me? And, to this day, I continue to have the opinion that certain letters and symbols seem "right" when they are backwards? Speaking of backwards letters, I really would like to resume my language study. I am just on the precipice of proficiency in Arabic and Hebrew.


Four years old in Panama. I had my own stereo...

First day of American school. I wasn't nervous at all... Not at all...


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