Exodus: Gods and Kings
Exodus: Gods and Kings Joel Edgerton / Christian Bale
Exodus: Gods and Kings Joel Edgerton / Christian Bale

Exodus: Gods and Kings (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) / Audio CD Exodus: Gods and Kings / Amazon Video Exodus: Gods and Kings [HD] / Amazon Instant Video Exodus: Gods & Kings / DVD

The Mystery Science Theatre paraphase of Exodus: Gods and Kings (DVD / Digital) is:

"The Gd of Israel is insane and He is someone with whom you should not attempt to reason. Your best chance is to let the Israelites go. Otherwise, as much as I love you, a lot of weird things could happen. And, when I say weird, I mean weird."

To which Ramses said, "What do you mean "weird"? How weird is "weird"?" To which Moses sighed with a heavy heart. And, by the time we got to the scene at the beach, Egypt was mired in famine, the population was afflicted with plague and the first born son of Ramses, the heir to the throne, was dead. A series of events at which Gd did not express any remorse whatsoever.

Watch Exodus: Gods and Kings (DVD / Digital) at your leisure.

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