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There's a lot of people but are they all religious?

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"We don't believe in Gd, actually. Most of us are atheists," he said.

"Really?!" I said.

"Yeah. None of us have ever spoken to Gd. Gd spoke to people a long time ago. Or at least that's what we've read in the books, but none of us know anyone who has actually spoken to Gd or if Gd exists."

That's what he told me. "He" is an Orthodox Jewish guy I knew during my study at CUNY Brooklyn. He said most Orthodox Jews don't have any idea if Gd exists, nor do they believe that Gd exists. He told me that all of the accoutrement, symbols and signs of being Jewish, the traditions and practices are just that: traditions and practices. He said that Orthodox Jews observe the traditions and practices as a gesture to honor their place as Jews.

I was amazed. "So, you're not religious?"

"Have you spoken to Gd? Do you know that Gd exists?" he asked.

I thought, "If most of you don't believe in Gd, who are all of those people in Israel?"

Well, the answer is very simple. Who are the people in Israel? Jews! However, being Jewish doesn't necessarily mean that you are religious or that you believe in Gd. Wow. What a revelation.

What am I talking about, right? Well, here I am in Utah. Practically everyone in Utah is Mormon. That's the reason I chose to make my life in Utah, because there's a bunch of Mormons in Utah. But that doesn't mean that they all attend Sacrament, Priesthood and Relief Society.

In the midst of my choosing Utah, people said, "But, how are you going to do that if you're not attending Sacrament every Sunday? You're not as religious as before...," as though just being in Utah means that you are a religious person.

I chose Utah because I am Mormon. Jews are welcome in Israel. Mormons are welcome in Utah.

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