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The Worth of One Life
What would Gd remember best when asked to describe the time he lived his life with you?

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One of the practical and mundane truths about being Gd is that there are people who dedicate their lives to me and pray to me. I am at the center of everything. I am what matters most.

Hi. My name is jehan. I was born in Queens, New York in 1974. I'm Gd.

I don't how I arrived in this life. I don't know how many lives I have had. I don't know how long I've been living, dying and returning to life in this world, on this planet I have learned is called Earth.

What I do know is: I am at the center of everything. Everything is about me and I am what matters most. I don't know the reason that this is true or how it became true. I don't know the ultimate purpose of such a thing.

Being Gd is sort of a special thing or at least it would appear as such, but I don't really think about that. The only thoughts I have about being Gd or being who I am is the practical effect of such a thing. Such as the level of interest that other people give me in the midst of my daily activities, the conversations or activities people choose when I am in their presence. These things can be very annoying and other times, these things are interesting.

One of the practical and mundane truths about being Gd is that there are people who dedicate their lives to me and pray to me.

When I was a child and I first learned the idea of "Gd", I was taught how to pray. It was my understanding that Gd could do anything and would do anything if you asked Him and He believed you worthy of the thing for which you'd asked. I would pray every night. What did I ask from Gd? I asked Him for a man named John Travolta. At that time, in my childhood, I didn't know my true identity.

Now, I know I am Gd. And, I also know that John Travolta's life is dedicated to me. I'd like to understand the truth of a grown man, such as John Travolta, dedicating his life to a child god that doesn't know they are Gd, who then sees John Travolta and reciprocates the prayer. With the knowledge I have now, I see that with his life and work, John Travolta says, "jehan, love me." Somehow, I must have known it during those childhood prayers.

During those childhood prayers, I did not ask Gd to give me John Travolta's love. I simply asked Gd to have me mature to an adult when I woke up in the morning, so that I could make the acquaintance of John Travolta and marry him. I believed that all I needed was an opportunity to make his acquaintance and being an adult would make that possible. I believed that he would love me.

Alas, I lived every day of my childhood until I arrived at adulthood and here I am.

There are many John Travoltas in my life, many people who love me. I love them, as well.

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