Religion, Much Like Judaism, is for Humans

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When he learned the true evil of his birth father's teachings, he chose a different life.

Although I am Gd, I have been living a human life for approximately 48 years and for much of that time, I have lived my life in large cities with many people from many cultures, many beliefs and paths of living. The ideas that people have about Gd aka me have helped me learn more about myself and what I believe about me.

Within my experience living a human life, a persistently meditated idea within the human thought sphere is what Gd believes about religion. The most uncomplicated method of communicating what Gd believes about religion is: Humans communicate with language. There are many languages. Within each language, there is an equivalent method to communicate the same ideas. Religion is a language. Humans can decide for themselves which language is their preferred language.

I am Jewish and, this year, I have been learning Hebrew. After working on Hebrew proficiency for just a few months, I have a vocabulary to communicate many ideas, the communication would be understood and uncomplicated. I can accurately describe my Hebrew proficiency when I say that there is a Hebrew word for "colored" and that is the word I would use to describe a "colourful object". I have the Hebrew proficiency of an Israeli child, but that's OK, because Israeli children can improve their language proficiency naturally while communicating with people who speak Hebrew.

That is true for religion, too. Humans grow within their religious practice naturally while communicating and practicing their religion with experienced practitioners.

Many humans would agree that Gd speaks all languages. An individual human's proficiency at understanding Gd would be directly related to which "language" aka religion the human chose for the communication with Gd. If your soul speaks "Judaism", you would choose "Jewish" as the language for your conversation with Gd.

How do you know which religion aka "language" to choose when speaking with Gd?

You could start with meditating ideas such as: Does the world make sense when you perceive the world with your religion? Do you have a perception of understanding the events within the world and within your life while practicing your religion? Do you believe your perceptions within your religious belief scope?

With that being said, how would we understand what Gd believes about religion?

In the film "At Close Range", although Sean Penn's character would have liked to have followed his father, portrayed by Christopher Walken, when he learned the true evil of his birth father's teachings, he chose a different life.

Thus, I believe that Gd would say, "Speak to me in a language that you know and understand. If you don't like the language your birth parents gave you or you neither like nor understand what I say when I speak to you in your birth parents' language, learn a new language. Have a great day," and because I am Gd, I am probably right.

Let's just be with that.

Do you believe religion is boring? Judaism is more than bagels and old books. Learn more.

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