When There is No Love, There is Love from the Jewish God

Avicii / Levels / 4:05

The vast majority of human suffering can be alleviated by walking away from what does not love you.

The pain twinged smirk Avicii presents is true and comforting. You'd never know that Avicii is an angel of great honour. The conversation is prickly, his blue eyes cold as the Atlantic.

"Thanks for talking with me in the dream," I say, to which he smiles his pain twinged smirk. We sit quietly, looking at each other, completely comfortable.

"What happened?" I ask, gently.

"Let's just say that I didn't have any friends," he says, gesturing to his stomach, his eyes piercing and cold as they are blue.

"When I was a little girl, my mother gave me some medication that destroyed... there was digested blood...," I say quietly.

"Let's say that we had the same problem," he says, his jaw clenching. For the first time, I see the hint of a true smile, "Now that you know, you'll cook your own food, right?" he says with a bright smile.

"Uh, yeah...," I say with my cheesiest smile.

"Let's just be with that," he says, his bright smile lighting the world, his blue eyes narrowing.

"Thank you," I say quietly. "Are you happy?" I ask.

He looks deep into my eyes and I see the true him, wondrous and deep, and he says, "It's OK to dream. I am love. Cook your own food."

The Egyptians were poisoning the Hebrews with the toxic crazy of a society predicated on cruelty and the effect of that poisoning was obvious in the depraved behaviour of the Hebrews at the foot of Mt Sinai while Moses was literally on the mountain, negotiating with Gd to craft a future for the Hebrews.

Although the Hebrews were willing to physically walk away from Egypt, the literal Exodus was just the start of the Hebrews' walk with Gd. When the Hebrews realized they had received from Gd something much more than the uncertain, brutal and callous life they experienced while sojourning in Egypt, the Hebrews walked away from the poisoning of Egypt emotionally, psychologically and spiritually and Egypt never communicated with the Hebrews again.

How did the Egyptians conceptualize or characterize the Hebrews' departure? There are not many people in this world who are blessed to know, but here's what we know: The Exodus was a desert of certain death, Hebrews are living upon the earth and there have been no monuments built in Egypt after the Exodus.

The vast majority of human suffering can be alleviated by walking away from what does not love you.

Let's just be with that.

The eternal wealth of Gd is protected in loving trust with the faithful incarnations of Gd, emanations of Gd, archangels, mentors and living beings who have worked with depth of compassion to educate, guide, protect and comfort Gd's consciousness whilst incarnated in Asiyah. All other sparks of life are relieved of their tasks and are free to go.

Do you believe religion is boring? Judaism is more than bagels and old books. Learn more.

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