26.3 Years and the Mispronounced Name for the Jewish God

Nikka Costa / Like a Feather / 3:45

Viva La Vida Or Death And All / Audio CD LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS / Audio CD How to Practice: The Way to a Meaningful Life / Hardcover Kundun / DVD

"What happened?" she asks. I said, "No."

She and I share a love of yogurt that is beyond the usual human experience. Her smiles are practiced, but her gaze is rich with the pure, unvarnished truth. You'd never know that she is an archangel of great task and importance. She doesn't say much, but when she chooses to speak, her words are profound and permanent.

"Thanks for talking with me in the dream," I say.

"Por supuesto," she says.

I have spoken with archangels before, but we usually don't talk about the fact that they're an archangel, nor do we speak about what they do. So, we sit, quietly, looking at each other, completely comfortable.

"Que paso?" she asks.

"I said 'No'," I say.

"Yo dije que 'No', tambien," she says.

We sit, quietly, looking at each other, completely comfortable.

"Como esta tu estomago?" she says.

I sit, quietly, looking at her, completely comfortable.

"Al menos ellos te trajeron al hospital por eso," she says. "Me duele mi cabeza. Te duele tu cabeza, tambien, de esa noche?"

"They didn't take me to the hospital for that," I say.

"Ellos no me trajeron al hospital por mi cabeza, tambien." She smiles for the first time.

Then, she looks deep into my eyes and I see the truth of her, wondrous and deep, and she says, "You always have the right to say 'No'," with two black eyes, sunken and bleeding, the toe tag on her tiny feet, dangling above the floor.

Nixzmary Brown / Red & Black

Do you believe religion is boring? Judaism is more than bagels and old books. Learn more.

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