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When have you been happy? Laughing, smiling, filled with joy? Was sie tun wann alle personen ist ein diamant?

The Jewish tradition of Rosh Hashanah tells us that every life is valuable, every person, every soul is a spark of life that came directly from Gd. We are all the same, each person has infinite worth and the condition and circumstances of our lives is just a reflection of the many aspects of Gd's creation.

When we are not incarnated as physical beings within the creation, we are sparks of life within what I conceptualize as "the cauldron of life" and what some people refer to as the Hall of Souls. In the cauldron of life, there is no individuality, there is no concept of the self, we are one with Gd.

Some people say, "How can this be true? I am me. I have a name, I have thoughts, I have feelings. I exist." Well, I believe that's true, but is it always true? And, how true is it at one particular time or another? What are the thoughts of a fetus? We believe that a human embryo is alive? But, what thoughts does it have before the brain is formed? Do thoughts exist before a physical brain is formed? Can the spark of life perceive thoughts before the brain is formed? I don't know. Is someone any less alive if they have no thoughts? What are the thoughts of a dog, or a cat or a cow? Do insects have thoughts?

I believe that what Rosh Hashanah teaches us is true. Every living thing is a spark of life directly from Gd. How that living being expresses itself within the creation is related to what mechanism or machinery aka body they have within the creation. Some televisions are black and white with rabbit ears. Some televisions are HD with movie quality sound. Can the being express itself with great detail or with just simple communication?

What would a deer say if it had the brain and body of a human? The brain and body of a man named "John"? It would probably say the things that humans say. "I'm so looking forward to my vacation. I'm going to enjoy relaxing... I hope my wife comes home soon. I miss her... I love you..."

What if "John" didn't know that he'd been a deer? What if other people knew that "John" had been a deer? What would those people say? They'd try to speak quietly to each other, "Oh, my gawd! It's him. It's the deer!" Then they'd try to speak to the deer, right? "Hey, John. How are you?" And, "John" would say, "Oh, I'm okay. How are you?" Those people would be thinking, "Oh, my gawd! I'm talking to a deer!"

But is that true? Not really. They'd be talking to a spark of life that once had the machinery of a deer and now has the machinery of a human. So, now, a spark of life in the body of deer that would have just stared at you until its animal senses responded with flight, has the body of a human and the ability to contemplate ideas such as how they are feeling and interest in how other people are feeling.

Is that really so strange?

Where do those thoughts and feelings go when the spark of life returns to the cauldron of life? I don't know.

I don't know where I was before being born on Earth as a human child, but I know that I experience what people refer to as "love", I enjoy the experience of "love" and I enjoy expressing "love".

Is that true for all sparks of life? I don't know.

But, I suppose, should we believe that Gd is actually interested in what we do within the creation or who we are within the creation, I believe Gd would say, "This spark of life named jehan really likes to love people. Hmph."

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