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Gennifer Goodwin / Amanda Seyfried / Jeanne Tripplehorn / Chloe Sevigny / Bill Paxton of "Big Love"
Gennifer Goodwin / Amanda Seyfried / Jeanne Tripplehorn / Chloe Sevigny / Bill Paxton of "Big Love"

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It's official. I am from Utah.

What's the difference between what I could do before it became official that I am from Utah and what I can do now? Well, now I can say that I am from Utah! That's the first thing!

Being from Utah is pretty cool. Utah has a lot of mountains, mild weather and a lot of Mormons. I like that sort of thing. So, I like being from Utah.

It is probably true that there is no practical difference between my life before and after the official-ness of my Utah self. However, there is definitely a difference in my perception of the world and my way of interacting with the world.

Many people are born within a particular ethnic, national or societal structure and they live their lives within that society, caste or group. The majority of these people don't consider "leaving" or "changing" their position within these groups.

What group would you choose when given the choice of joining the group that you would prefer? Few people are blessed to have this opportunity and I am one of them.

What have I chosen? That's an interesting question. I believe the answer is shown in this picture. Love. Trust. Responsibility. True love transcends possession. A pure and faithful heart can eliminate jealousy and envy. Acts of pure motivation can result in true cooperation and achievement.

It's a dream. An ideology. A group of thoughts and beliefs that are present in Utah.

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